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For many years, I have been gradually building a deeper understanding of Love. I am guided inward to learn and develop this clearer understanding of Love. Recently, I have been studying Love in the context of “Qi," an energy intertwined with life's development that guides our relationship between the soul and physical form.

Throughout this discovery, I have marveled at the subtle yet powerful indications that Love is much more than an emotion between two beings. It is a core energy of creation. The renowned author Paulo Coelho put this idea quite eloquently in his book, "The Alchemist:" “Love is the force that transforms and improves the soul of the world.” In the broad context of life, I clearly see that humans possess a great power to create. From personal experience, I know that acting from a strong and grounded place of Love creates the greatest sense of satisfaction. Work done with Love creates stable and tangible results in the projects in which we engage. To fully Love oneself gives one the power to share Love with another.

When partners share Love, they amplify their ability to create and enjoy a healthy life. Love shared within a family supports connections so simple they are forever present, regardless of time and space. I'm positive that Love grows when Love is given.

During times spent looking inward for understanding, I feel that strongest pulse of love coming from the heart center. I sense that Qi of the earth comes into that center as Yin Qi. Qi of the Sky comes into that center as Yang Qi. Just as the lotus leaf dances with water, I see the delicate dance that Yin and Yang Qi dance as they meet each other. I believe this joining and blending of Qi is the very action which Love provides as a central force in creation.

In practice, how can we tap into this powerful and abundant resource that comes from within us as much as it surrounds us? We must learn to feel ourselves from the inside. We can close our eyes and direct our attention from the back of the brain down into the depth of the chest. We can tuck our sacrum and inhale from the earth into the breadth of the chest. We can feel the subtle internal movement that steadily spins, gradually creating external expression.

We must trust these sensations and trust the direction in which these moments guide us. Above all, we must cultivate Love for ourselves through all times and moods: day and night, hot and cold, sad and happy.

Love, Brook Golling, LMT

Article written for Ashland Natural Medicine

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