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Our world is going through a state of great intensity. I have observed everything from the weather patterns to social movements taking on a dynamic energy which is pushing things through rapid and notable changes. The driving force and core energy giving these changes such great power is observable both on a large scale but also palpable on a very personal level.

As the turbulence in our world continues to increase year by year, we get the sense that she is not asking for change but rather forcing it on us. It is understandable that a combination of such great external force and internal unrest caused by common life experiences could result in feeling overwhelmed. On the positive side, however, these intense and emotional times are somehow providing us with the abundance of energy that we need to cultivate change.

The massage room gives me the space to explore pain, discomfort, and imbalance. This space helps to bring focus and attention to the subtle, underlying Qi that is asking for change. Indicators of inhibited or blocked Qi are areas in the body which feel dull, numb, low energy, or painful. Although working through these restrictions may create intense moments, release and deep relaxation follow. Through this process, we may completely restructure our relationship to chronic conditions and move into a zone of far greater clarity and peace.

To personalize some of life's challenges, are you living in a cycle of chronic pain, feeling trapped by negative emotions or the fear of the unknown? Rather than shying away from these experiences, treat them as embraceable building blocks which are also to be acknowledged and reorganized. The next time you feel stuck, come to Ashland Natural Medicine where you may explore our expansive approach to healing and good health. We may just be the needed catalyst to initiate great change in your body, mind or spirit!

- Brook Golling, LMT

Article written for Ashland Natural Medicine

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