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I have explored the wonders of health with an ever expansive look at both the complexities and simplicities of being human. On a functional and complex level our bodies are a delicate and elegant balance of physical, biological, chemical, electrical and symbiotic life relationships. In the simplest form, our health is the alignment of Qi flowing in sync through our soul with clarity and strength. My observations teach me that pain and illness come from disruptions and blockages within the flow of these dynamic, moving and balanced systems.

This year I have focused on approaching health simply. Personally, to stay healthy, I work to eat simple real foods, move the body in exercise and work, feel tensions and patterns that pull on my structure, and relax my body and mind to let these tensions release. In my practice at work, I simply clear my mind and attune my awareness to the subtle Qi flow and structural imbalances at the root of disruptive patterns. My intention working within core patterns is to release physical tension, increase and balance Qi flow, and gradually align the body with the Soul’s strongest path to achieve lasting improvements in health.

If you are at home with the desire to improve your health, I encourage you to explore this path of awareness through day-to-day life and incorporate meditation with this basic principle in mind.

Intention moves breath

Breath moves Qi

Qi moves blood

Blood heals tissues

- Brook Golling, LMT

Article written for Ashland Natural Medicine



by Brook, Tess and Kai.

Happy thoughts

Eat simple foods

Active body

Love yourself

Take deep breaths

Help Others

You are living it!

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