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The Snowball Fight

I remember the tie when we had a big snowball fight. Me and Tonneson hid at the fort I had built with a friend. It smelled like fresh snow and Tonneson was hiding inside a bucket. When Brook finally found us he said "Ahah!!!" and he threw a snowball. It hit me right in the face with a cold splat. It hurt, but it felt good in a way. Brook laughed and we threw more snowballs.

"Tonneson! Come help!" I called.

Apparently, Tonneson was eating snow while hiding underneath the bucket. "It's good" he said.

I could hear the snowballs whiz past my ears as I ran for cover. Those snowballs hit Tonneson's bucket, but not him. Smart kid! We had made some snowballs with a snowball maker, so we had some in advance. We grabbed a couple and ran for cover behind a fallen log. Tonneson was almost there when Brook spotted him. He was about to throw a snowball at Tonneson when I threw a snowball at Brook. It got him right in the chest. It surprised him, and he laughed.

Brook's golden hair was covered in ice. We nailed him from behind the log many times. his clothes were covered in snow, but he just smiled and made a monster-sized snowball. He threw it hard at the log. It burst up into the air and showered snow on both me and Tonneson. We burrowed down under the log.

In the end, we all got tired. We went inside and got warm blankets. Brook sat in the middle of the couch with me and Tonneson on either side. It felt cozy and warm. We watched a movie called Christmas Chronicles 2. It was a special day.

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