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Brook Tonneson Golling

August 3rd, 1985 - February 3rd, 2021

With great sorrow, the family and friends of Brook Tonneson Golling announce his passing. Brook’s short time on this earth was defined by an abundance of love in all its forms. He moved through life believing that LOVE GROWS WITH LOVE GIVEN.

Brook shared his immeasurable loving presence as...

A father who saw his son as a great teacher.

A husband who met his soul-mate at 21 and found more of himself by her side.

A son who cherished the gifts of his parents and carried them tenderly into his own life.

A brother who always believed in the grace, beauty, and strength of his sisters.

An uncle whose patience and warmth knew no bounds.

A friend who amplified the true meaning of community and endless fun.

A healer who could look past our surface wounds to touch the core of our being.

A farmer who worked the land tirelessly and magically with his hands.

A leader who could catapult an idea into being with graciousness and relaxed authority.

An adventurer who felt the rush and pleasure of a steep chute or a big wave.

A student who listened first and followed his curiosity into new discoveries.

A teacher who shared his wisdom with humility, grace and endless smiles.

Brook embodied the simple and pure love of a man who knew its value and allowed it to guide him through every step of life. He was laid to rest on the land he loved in southern Oregon, surrounded by family and friends on February 10, 2021.

Brook is survived by his four-year-old son Tonneson Antonio Rosales Golling, his lovely wife Yaoska Liduvina Rosales Golling, his parents John Golling and Dana Yearsley, his sisters Shey Yearsley, Tess Golling and Kai Yearsley, his nephew Zeba Traoré, and countless friends all over the world. He soared from this earth doing what he loved.

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