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Practice of the Day: Love

On a cold day in January, 2017, I received a forwarded email from Brook. The subject was: Practice of the Day: love. He had written nothing in the body of his message to me except in all caps: LOVE.

He was sharing the practice from his Qigong teacher, Claire Johnson. He knew I needed to read it, to practice it, to begin to live in it. Here is the practice, which I shared during Brook's ceremony of life.

Choose to be in love, in this moment.

Let our heart fall wide open, crack open if we must,

And notice.

Notice what we are doing, and let our heart open to the moment, and love with abandon.

Notice what is surroundings us, and let our heart fall open, love with all of our might.

Notice the ones with us, love them entirely.

Notice, inside, who we are, and love, love, and love some more.

Let the tears fall, tears of joy.

Tears of gratitude.

Tears of love.

In this moment, right here, fall in love with life, with myself.

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